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Being injured in the workplace can be physically, financially, and mentally draining for everyone involved.  The high cost of litigation, the length of time it takes to settle a case, and other variables were all taken into consideration when the State of California created its Workman’s Compensation Compromise.  If you have been injured on the job or because of a job related activity you must navigate through the insurance process designated in the State of California for injuries.  The various steps in the process will dictate your ultimate settlement and compensation, and mistakes along the way can have deleterious effect upon the amount settled upon you which is why it is helpful and in many cases vital in Orange County to have a seasoned worker’s comp lawyer walk you through the process.

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Over 30 Years Practicing Workers’ Compensation.

  • Jeffery Klein has Helped Thousands of Employees who have been injured on the Job get the Compensation they deserve.
  • He’s also been Featured in Top Lawyers of America in 2015
  • Thorough Understanding of Workers’ Compensation Law
  • Friendly Courteous Staff that will keep you up-to-date with your case information
  • Sits on the Workers’ Compensation Board in Orange County
  • No Charge until you get paid
Free Private Consultation
Medical Bills Waived till after settlement
Constant Communications
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Jeffery M. Klein

Orange County’s Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Jeffery M. Klein

  • Insurance Educational Association dated 4/29/88 (IEA)
  • United State District Central Court 2/26/01
  • American College of Law Juris Dictor 6/15/85
  • University of California degree bachelor of arts 9/18/91
  • Law Corporation 1/16/02
  • Supreme Court of the State of California 9/26/91 (became an attorney)
Orange County Worker's Compensation Lawyer

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Brain Injuries

Carpal Tunnel

Tinnitus or Hearing Loss


Spine Injuries Save & Exit

UPS Injuries

Treat You Like Family!

 I was injured on the job and denied workers’ Compensation. I the heard from a friend about Jeffery Klein. It took 2 years and tons of appeals but Jeff never gave up and to get the compensation she needed and deserved. We can honestly  say that this firm cares about the people they represent. We were treated like family the whole way through.




I was lost before Jeff and his amazing staff came through!

With the bills stacking up and no way for me to work, I was getting really stressed out. My friend suggested I get an attorney to have the insurance and my employer stop dragging their feet. Jeff Immediately took over all medical bills until after the case was settled. Soon after I called, the process sped up and my whole family was a whole lot less stressed.



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The longer you wait the more difficult it is to fight your case.

Jeffery Klein will help you and your family get the stability back. We want your family to be treated like our family. Give our office a call today!