Finding a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Southern California

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Worker’s compensation comes under the practice area of personal injury. Worker’s comp lawyers are all personal injury attorneys. So when seeking out an Orange County worker’s compensation attorney look for a personal injury firm and then call and specify the type of accident you’ve had and the intake specialist will put you in touch with someone who not only specializes in the practice area, but most-likely someone who has worked with cases like yours. The law has become more and more focused due to the sheer amount of regulations in effect today. Lawyers are becoming more chambered within a practice area. If you have had a construction injury there will be lawyers who are construction injury lawyers. If you had a heart attack or stroke on the job, there will be those who handle cases of that nature. Ask around, find out what type of cases the attorney has worked with in the past and you’ll end up having a more efficient legal process.


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The worker’s compensation compromise has made on the job personal injury an insurance process instead of a court based one. This was sold as something to make it easier on those harmed but what it does is regulate settlement caps and the stipulations that coincide with them. Those who have been injured have a lot more fancy footwork to do to get the maximum claim they need to live their lives post-injury. One of the things that many people tend to forget about their work related Injuries is that they see it as part of the job and that the injury was bound to happen at some point of another. If you have been injured on the job, take a moment to think if this is an actual injury or just a bump or scratch that will require no further attention. It’s highly recommended to visit the doctor that your work tells you to visit, They will get an idea of how serious the injury is without costing you anything. This will be covered by your works insurance.

Your worker’s compensation claim’s success is dependent upon your attorney’s level of skill and experience with the process. You must hire an attorney that you believe will fight for your rights and your family. It is important to know the types of settlements or compromises he or she has brought to the table in the past before making your decision. The fact is this is not a process that anyone can go through alone. You need to find a trusted worker’s compensation attorney willing to work with you for the length of your case.


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