Repetitive Stress Injuries: Carpal Tunnel and the Law

The cubicle culture of America has contributed to a rise in Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) due to the long hours spent in front of a keyboard and mouse.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the most common of these types of injuries.  Carpal tunnel develops when the median nerve and tendons of the hand are compressed by repetitive motions.  The carpal tunnel of the wrist is narrow and easily stressed by swelling.  When nerves are stressed the results are pain and numbness.  As the condition progresses surgery becomes required to take the pressure off of this nerve so that the individual may regain full function of the hand and fingers.

RSI is a condition that effects individuals in a variety of jobs.   Postal employees who stock or hand deliver mail are at risk, cashiers, computer coders, writers—anyone whose daily job functions revolve around computers are all at risk of developing an RSI like carpal tunnel syndrome if they are not given adequate breaks throughout the day to stretch and relax their hands.  Although this condition develops in the workplace, recent worker compensation laws are prohibitive to lawsuits.  Rather than file a lawsuit, workers may seek compensation through their company’s workers’ compensation benefits.

Carpal-Tunnel” by DoPhotoShop Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Workman’s Compensation: A Tradeoff

Workers’ compensation was a legal compromise made in many states whereupon an employee injured on the job is entitled to benefits for work-related injuries regardless of whose fault it was that the injury occurred in exchange for him or her forfeiting the right to sue for damages.  In most cases this is an appropriate solution as it saves everyone time and legal expense, as well as, lifting the burden on the taxpayer whose taxes help ameliorate court costs.

Unfortunately, as this is an insurance benefit adjudicated though the state it can be an uphill struggle to receive the full benefit you are entitled under your claim.  It is difficult or new filers to navigate the murky waters of California’s workers compensation agency, and oftentimes end up in an endless filing loop before they are able to receive money for medical expenses.  For someone who sustained a permanent injury and requires temporary or long-term disability benefits it can quite challenging to receive the support he or she is entitled to.

Help With Your Claim

Our firm works with people just like you every day to maximize your entitled benefits and get you timely assistance.  We have a clear understanding of the law and how the process works.  We will create and file your claim so that you may receive the maximum benefits entitled by law and in a time frame where it can do you and your family the most good.