Workers’ Compensation-Injured At Work

Many people every day are injured while on the Job. Whether you work in a warehouse, a medical office or in the construction field, it’s safe to say that there can be some dangers involved with any work place. While it is the responsibility of the employee to try and be safe on the job, some employers are negligent and allow for a workplace injury to happen. Often times, these common workplace injuries can lead to a workers’ compensation claim and lawsuit. If you are injured on the job there are a few things you should do.

Workers compensation

Let your Supervisor know

Your work has to know if you’ve been injured on the job. They will let you know where to go see a doctor to get checked and will call an ambulance if one is needed. Additionally, they will usually provide you with any documentation needed to file for a workers’ compensation claim (DWC 1 Form)

See a physician

The next thingthat any employee that is injured on the job should do is see a physician. Many times the employer will provide the employee with the initial treatment to verify if the patient can return to work or needs time to recover. There are instances where the employee does need the time to recover and this may cause the employee to miss work for a given period of time. This could mean a loss of wages or earnings. There are also many cases where a patient will need ongoing treatment for an injury. Workers compensation claims should always be filed in the case where a person may have to have multiple visits back to the doctor. Many back injuries, hand, knee or foot injuries are ones that require multiple check up and even surgery. Understanding the long term effects a job related injury can have on you is key in determining whether or not to call Jeffery M. Klein.

Do not speak to any insurance Company

The insurance company’s goal is to pay out as little information as possible. The way that adjusters are trained to speak to someone who was injured on the job is to talk down the injury. They make the injury seem as though it wasn’t so bad and the whole time they are recording the conversation. If an employee later wants to file for a workers’ compensation claim or wants to be compensated more than originally thought, the employee will face a much more difficult time in doing so. With the testimony of the insurance adjuster, an employee might lose a case for themselves. Call an attorney and let them deal with the insurance company.

File for Workers’ Compensation with Jeffery M. Klein

Jeffery M. Klein has helped thousands of injured employees get the compensation they deserved because he knows how to fight the insurance companies. Having worked for an insurance company for many years, Jeffery M. Klein understands their tactics and doesn’t budge when it comes to his clients. Clients are often faced with many obstacles during a workers’ compensation case. Loss of wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, the the mental anxiety of not knowing what’s to come are some of the burdens that an employee faces during these tough times. Let Jeff do all the hard work while you recover.

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